1st Edition

eco group

Eco Group

1 st PLACE

The circulation on site is limited to a main path and organizes the site into a more public main kitchen and tuck shop area with eating space and deck upstairs to give a feeling of among the tress; a semi private outdoor play area for the children accessible from two indoor play areas and the most private main building and garden area.

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eco group

DMG Designers Group


The overall outlook for design thinking was governed by the child anthropometry, playfulness and easy movement. Thus was the furniture designed, the levels were managed and the indoor-outdoor connect was established. Immense detailing went into creating and customizing elements that would act as an aid for teaching/learning like the sensory path, the alphabets game, etc.

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Origami group


3 rd PLACE

The Nyonyesha Hub was inspired by the extension of a kids playscape that resulted into an overarching form above the nursing/ sleeping space provided for the babies. Thus creating more space for play and additional elements I.e, climbing towers, sculptures and an adventure tunnel. The earth used in the extended playscape naturally stores energy that warms the space below.

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The goal behind this design challenge

The aim of this program to design, build and operate a network of 500 climate-smart lactating and daycare facilities called "Mums' Hubs" in colleges and other public workplaces to promote breastfeeding and support women economic empowerment

Team Composition

Team of six to ten participants

Each team must comprise of an architectural professional and representation of at least three other built environment professions/disciplines such as engineering, product design, quantity surveying or members with specific craft or material knowledge.

At least one recent graduate, a TVET student and female student per team

Through cross discipline collaboration, participants will learn from different professional perspectives to understand how they can work together to reduce waste and design within the limits of our environment.

Each team will be encouraged to research, experiment and explore the materials that are locally available in and around campus to create an intervention that integrates at least 50% reused or recycled elements/comments.


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The training sessions were very informative and should have been longer.

Design challenge participant

We appreciate NIKO GREEN for the opportunity to have us take part in the challenge. We were able to put into practice what we learnt in class and even learn further through the training that happened prior to designing. We look forward to more of such opportunities

Davis Gikundi

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